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"How far we travel in life matters far less 

than those we meet along the way." - Unknown

DVBRIEG is manage by a team of professional volunteers 

with many years of experience in the field of contingency planning! 

Please contact us, if you have a question.


Simply click on:

an individual's name to e-mail them.

the green diamond to learn more about an individual. (Additional backgrounds will be added as they are received.)


Board of Directors



Patricia L. Bennett, FBCI, President 

 Patricia Bennett Group, Inc.

Andrew Logan, FBCI, Vice-President  

 Patricia Bennett Group, Inc.

Dean Fowler, MBCI, Treasurer   

 GMAC Mortgage


Advisory Board



James Barr

Simple Solutions

Linda Farrington

Vital Records

Timothy F. Joo, CBCP

Elf Atochem North America

Howard R. Lambert


Deb Long

Wilmington Trust Co.

Gary J. Rounbehler

Philadelphia  Stock Exchange

John Sweeney

GMAC Mortgage

Tom Taylor

Genex Services