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"It is time for a new generation of leadership, to cope with new problems and new opportunities. For there is a new world to be won." - John Fitzgerald Kennedy


Did one of life's little "opportunities" show up on your desk? 

Don't panic!  We can help!


Whether you are just starting to develop a new Business Continuity Program or need to take your program to the next level, we can help. 

BCP Coaching Services

Finding the time, money and perfect course for your needs can be a daunting task. Relax! Let us put together a customized coaching/consulting package to fit your unique needs. 

BCP Project Services

Sometime you need just a little more hands-on help with a project.  Our consultants are also available for more detailed project assignments, if that is what you need.

Facility Recovery Services

Are you responsible for the protection and recovery of an office building, warehouse or factory? Our facility documentation services can make you job much easier. Our basic on-line form documentation is even FREE. If you need a more sophisticated documentation approach, we can provide that also at a reasonable fee.  Check it out! 

During the event, our coaches can help you recover your facility and our professional photographers can help you document the damage for your insurance claim. 

Coming Soon!

BCP Products

In the coming months we will be offering a variety of low cost products to help you get started and manage your Business Continuity Program. Check back often. 

BCP Assessment Services

Are you getting what you're paying for with your current recovery plans?

Are you just starting out and need a quick assessment of your continuity risks and options?

Shortly, we will be providing quick and easy assessment services and tools to help you to either develop a project plan to start a new Business Continuity program or evaluate the effectiveness of an existing continuity program. 

Check back often or contact us now for details.