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Up in the air as to how to get your project off to a good start? Or have you gotten a lot of information but you are still not sure how to apply it to your situation?


Wisdom is knowing how to apply knowledge. We can help you apply that knowledge to get the most from your Business Continuity program.


What are the roadblocks / problems that you face? 

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Step #1 Your Competition:

What are the biggest problems that they would like you to have?

What are your competitors major weaknesses?

Who are your competitors?

Step #2 Your industry:

Does your industry have any unique problems? 

No Yes, 


What are they?

Is your industry controlled by any regulations? 

No Yes, 

What are they?

Is Business Continuity Planning generally accepted within your industry?

No Yes,  


Within your industry, what do you see as the major challenges to building a successful Business Continuity Program?

Step #3 Your organization:

Check all that apply for your organization: 

Corporate  Government Non-Profit

Less than 400 employees  Less than 1000 employees Less than 5000 employees More than 5000 employees Owned by a domestic corporation   


Own by a foreign corporation          


What company policies would a Business Continuity program support?
Into what organization / department does the Business Continuity staff report?
Within your organization, what do you see as the major challenges to building a successful Business Continuity Program?
Has management approved and funded a Business Continuity program?
No Yes,

Is this a detailed budget or a lump sum amount? 

Is there a full time Business Continuity staff?
No Yes,

How many & at what level?

Does your company work with union employees?
No Yes,

What are they?

Problems with your physical location?
No Yes, What are they?

Step #4 Your personal skill level:

Are you certified contingency planner?

No Yes 


What level? 

What certification board? 

When were you certified? 

How long have you been working as a contingency planner? 

What is this your main job function?  

Do you have any other responsibilities outside of Business Continuity?

No Yes, 

What are they?   

What percentage of your time is spent on Business Continuity? 

Check all that apply: You are responsible for which of the following Business Continuity Programs?

Corporate: All Recovery Plans  Facility  Security  Field offices  Foreign Offices 

                      Crisis Management  Emergency Response

IT: Mainframe  Client Server   Workstations  Laptops

Telecommunications: Data  LAN / WAN  Internet  Intranet  Voice  PBX  ACD


Manufacturing:  Assembly Labs Distribution Workshops Stockrooms

Business Unit(s), which ones:

What are your strengths?


Where could you improve?

Step #5 Personal Information:




Telephone Number:

E-mail address:

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