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In spite of graduations and vacations, we still had 54 people register for the June meeting.  

I would like to thank John Sweeney and GMAC for hosting our meeting. Lunch was provided by GMAC in their cafeteria. It was Latin week, so we had some great food and music. They did a wonderful job.

Meeting Notes:

We had three great presentations and a short workshop. If you would like more information on these topics or if you could not make the meeting but would like copies of their presentations, please email the speakers directly. To email them just click on their names.  A hyper link has been established for your convenience. Please make sure you let them know you are a member of DVBRIEG.

The first presentation was given by Pat Moore of Strohl Systems. Pat's presentation was called "The Changing View of Business Continuity Planning." It focused on the changes to our industry from a business perspective.

The next presentation was given by George Hakun of SunGard Recovery Services. George's topic "High Availability Solutions," looked at the changing technology and the new strategies needed to support them. 

After lunch, Marty Welsh of SunGard Planning Solutions gave a presentation on "DR in the E-Business World." Marty covered both the business and technology issues associated with this new environment.

We next had a short workshop on the problems of incorporating E-Commerce into a traditional BCP environment.