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"...Far and away the best prize that life offers 

is the chance to work hard at work worth doing."  - Theodore Roosevelt


Do you need some help in finding work worth doing? 

Post your resume with us!


After reading the instructions to the right, click here to list your resume with us. 

Currently we have several resumes on file.

Administrative note:

This section will be updated as quickly as possible, after we receive listings.  However, please remember this is an all volunteer organization. 

Please remember to send any attachments in Rich Text Format (RTF).

Resumes listed here must be related to the Business Continuity industry.  They can be for full time / part time or contract employment.

Call us at 856-635-9770, if you want more details and ask for Pat Bennett.

Resume Postings Guidelines:

A recap with this information should be included with your resume. 

If this information is missing, your submission will be returned to you for correction. 

Type of work desired: (Full time / Part time or contract work)

Industry: (This can be broad categories, like Finance, Healthcare or Manufacturing.)

Overview Skill Description: (Your description must be limited to 100 words.)

Amount of travel: (It is best to use percentages. Indicate if this is on a weekly or monthly basis.)

Special Instructions: (List any special instructions for the handling and distribution of your resume.)

Contact's Name, Phone number, fax and email address: (Please remember to use area codes. If you have a preference on how you wish to be contacted, please indicated it. For example: If you do not want your name listed, let us know and we will try to accommodate you. However, DVBRIEG's administration office still needs your complete contact information so that we have more than one way to get in contact with you, if necessary.