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Have a great position, 

but need help in finding the right candidate? 


Maybe we can help!


Current Positions:

There are no positions currently listed.

Resume Postings:

Employment opportunities listed here must be related to the Business Continuity industry.  They can be for full time / part time or contract employment.

Check below for instructions and then click here to list your position with us. 

Administrative note:

This section will be updated as quickly as possible, after we receive listings.  However, please remember this is an all volunteer organization. 

Please remember to send any attachments in Rich Text Format (RTF).


Position Descriptions Guidelines:

This information must be included. If this information is missing, your submission will be returned to you for correction.

Employment Status: (Full time / Part time or contract work)

Industry: (This can be broad categories, like Finance, Healthcare or Manufacturing.)

Title: (This should be the exact corporate title that will be used, i.e. Manager of Business Continuity)

Position Description: (Your descriptions must be limited to 100 words.)

Amount of travel: (It is best to use percentages. Indicate if this is on a weekly or monthly basis.)

Contact's Name, Phone number, fax and email address: (Please remember to use area codes. If you have a preference on how you wish job candidates to contact  you, please indicated it. For example some people only want resumes mailed while others want to be contacted only by email. However, DVBRIEG's administration office still needs your complete contact information so that we have more than one way to get in contact with you, if necessary.)

Company's Name: (Not required if posted by professional recruiter.) 

Regional Area: (It's best to supply city and state. However, if that is not possible indicate region as in: Mid-Atlantic or New England.)

Professional Recruiter: (Please supply the name & location of your company. For example: ABC Professional Recruiters/ New Haven, Conn.)

The following information would be useful, but is not required.

Salary range: (Your range can be as broad as you want to make it. However, we have noticed some people using the same basic position description looking for several different levels (senior and entry).  We recommend you post different position descriptions.)

Minimum requirements: (Please be reasonable. We have received a number of position postings in the past that list every conceivable requirement under the sun.  This is neither helpful for you or perspective employees. It implies that you really do not have the position well defined.)

Web address of company: (This will help prospective candidates become more informed about the company.)

Position history: (Replacing/ new / or expanding position)

Reporting relationships: (List upwards, downwards and matrix reporting relationships. For example: Position reports to CFO, has a staff of two and a matrix relationship with the CIO.)

Click here to list your position with us.