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What does this drop of water signal?

Is it the end of a drought, which will bring opportunity?

Or is it the beginning of a flood, which will bring disaster?


Can you tell?

Your company's survival may depend upon it!

Opportunities, like disasters often start out very small. In their early stages, it can be impossible to tell them apart. The coaches and consultants at The Patricia Bennett Group, Inc. can provide the expertise you need to know the difference and survive both!

We believe that a good Business Continuity program can give your organization a strategic advantage, even if you never experience a disaster.  Let us show you how to make your organization disaster resistant! 

The Patricia Bennett Group, Inc. is a management consulting company. We specialize in providing one-on-one coaching and consultation to individuals responsible for managing or developing Business Continuity Programs. PBG's coaches and consultants have many years of Business Continuity experience across different industries and technical disciplines.  

Our business philosophy is very simple. 

We .....

  Offer no-nonsense, no-frills services that provide quality, speed, originality and confidentially.

  Treat every client, regardless of size, with respect.

  Remember each client is unique. 

While there are similarities between businesses, a one size fits all approach benefits no one.

  Build long-term relationships. 

This means that we take an active interest in your success.  If we cannot help you with a particular

problem, we'll help you find someone that can.

  Offer services and products that enhance your bottom line not take a large chunk out of it.

  Give back to our community. 

We do this in three very important ways:

  We are proud to host the local contingency planners organization on our web site.

The Delaware Valley  Business Resumption Information Exchange Group (DVBRIEG) is a not for profit educational organization that is dedicated to helping business professionals learn how to mitigate and recover from disastrous events that impact their operations. 

  We are also hosting a Speakers Bureau for Business Continuity related topics. 

Speakers  or organizations looking for a speaker on Business Continuity related topics can both benefit from this service. All not-for-profit organizations and speakers may use this registration service for FREE!

  Our staff maintains a list of industry related research links.

Do you want to know if your building is on a earthquake fault line, how to become a certified Business Continuity Planner or where to get information on other related topics? 

Check out our research link section often. We will add new links as we find them.