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"Is the proposed operation likely to succeed? What might be the consequences of failure? Is it in the realm of practicability in terms of material and supplies?" - Admiral Chester W. Nimitz


Do you need some temporary help with a difficult project?


Our consultants have many years of BCP experience and they are available for a variety of BCP related assignments.

Please contact us with your specific needs.


BCP Plan Reviews

We will review your entire Business Continuity program or individual recovery plans and make recommendations for improvements. 

Facilitated sessions

Project Management  

Special projects

Each project is usually a combination of telephone, email and onsite support. 

Since onsite support can be expensive we work hard with you to manage the expense by doing as much telephone/email support as possible.

Facilitated sessions can be used as structured information gathering sessions. We will gladly show you how to conduct them or conduct them for you.

Our consultants all have many years experience with BCP and can manage or participate as a team member on any BCP related special project.


Presentation are available by several of our consultants on various subjects.

Presentations for non-profit groups in the Philadelphia, PA area are free and are scheduled as time allows. For non-profit groups outside this area, we only request reasonable travel expenses.


In keeping with our corporate policy to give back to our community, all federally registered non-profit organizations receive a 15% discount on our services.