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Business Continuity Planning Manager  

Grade Level:  

To Be Determined.  

Compensation Package:  

To Be Determined.  

Reports To:  

Chief Executive Officer, or Chief Administrative Officer, or Chief Financial Officer.  

Job Statement:  

The function of the Business Continuity Planning (BCP) Manager is to lead a senior executive team in developing, testing, and continually upgrading, plans for responding to unexpected disruptions to business operations.  Primary functions of the BCP Manager are to educate all employees concerning the need for effective business contingency plans and motivate all employees to participate effectively in the business continuity planning process.  

Candidate Specifications: 

The ideal candidate will have the following background and work experience: 

  1. Excellent communication (both written and oral) and motivational skills previously demonstrated in a leadership role at the department, division, or enterprise wide level (2+ years).

  2. Competence in interfacing with management and staff at a variety of levels in an organization.

  3. Project management experience for significant projects involving an entire enterprise, or multiple departments or divisions (2+ years).

  4. Previous experience in business contingency planning (2+ years). 

  5. Strong working knowledge of the principles of business continuity planning. 

  6. Expertise in the use of one or more generic or BCP-specific project management software packages.

  7. Professional certification in BCP, information systems audit, loss control, risk management, or data processing strongly preferred. 

  8. Strong work organization skills.